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Medical and Laboratory Referral Centre

   Laboratory Referral service in collaboration with Molecular Diagnostic Center of National University Hospital (NUH) was first introduced to local hepatologists in 2000 to be able to diagnose, monitor and treat vial hepatitis B and C by sending blood samples for tests on viral load, genotypes and mutation.

   Later In 2005, Mascots Healthcare was officially appointed as representative in Myanmar for National University Hospital (NUH) and Tan Tock Seng Hospital (TTSH) to promote academic, research, medical and laboratory services of the hospitals to Myanmar patients and local doctors.

    Range of laboratory referral service becomes wider in combination with medical referral service through centers in Yangon and Mandalay opened in 2005 and 2007 respectively offering various molecular tests on infectious diseases, hematology disorders, HLA tissue typing and crossmatch on organ transplantation, various types of biopsies etc.

    With trained medical liaison officers and experienced laboratory technicians under regular supervision of senior hepatologists and gasteroenterogists from NUH and TTSH, Mascots medical and laboratory referral centers are transformed into “Centre of Excellence“ providing one-stop service to Myanmar patients especially in Liver and GI diseases with molecular tests, supply of anti-hepatitis drugs, weekly injection, treatment monitoring and recording, communication with local and overseas specialists, travel arrangement for advanced procedures in Singapore hospitals, follow-up care, Health Education, academic collaboration between Singapore and local doctors etc.

One-stop service centre for Liver and GI diseases

  • Laboratory referral service for screening , diagnosis and treatment monitoring of viral Hepatitis B and C, Liver and GI diseases and cancers : HCV, HBV viral load, genotyping, mutation, tumor markers, Patient consultation
  • Medical Referral service
  • Explanation and consultation of lab and medical reports by trained medical doctors
  • Referral to relevant specialists local or overseas (Singapore)
  • Communication with Singapore specialist for second opinion, treatment options, cost estimate, duration of treatment for overseas referral cases such as IFN non-responders, Liver & GI tumors, liver transplant etc
  • Arrangement for appointment, admission, evacuation, travel documents, accommodation, assistance service by medical doctors, etc
  • Post-visit follow-up investigations, treatment and report to consulting specialists by trained medical doctors Supply of Anti-hepatitis and other related drugs such as Peg-IFN, Erythropoietin and GCSF etc for treatment of HCV and HBV Logistic service for prescribed drugs from overseas (To keep availability of drugs) Arrangement of patient consultation with overseas doctors on regular basis at the centres for old and new patients

Services and Functions of the Centres

  • Assistance in corporate communication and collaboration with government and semi-government organizations e.g: MOU
  • Events Management
  • Assistance in Research and Education
  • Patients Referral
  • Publicity Services
  • Communication with top opinion doctors
  • Lab Referral Services

Referral Centre

Office Address
36 B, Manawhari Street, Dagon Tsp., Yangon.
09 430 99995
Office Address
153B, 73rd Street, 33rd x 34th, Mandalay.
09 430 99994


  • Mascots Healthcare was established in 1998 and has developed rapidly to be one of the leading suppliers of medical equipment and medical disposable products in Myanmar.
  • It primarily distributes products related to OR, ICU, Urology, Respiratory Medicine, Fetal Medicine, Cardiology, OB/ Gyn, ER, ENT, Pharmacy, Laboratory, Diagnostics, Orthopaedics and Nursing.
  • Mascots Healthcare pride itself on being able to provide flexible service tailored to each customer needs with the focus on delivering quality products at a competitive price.
  • For more than last fifteen years, it has been supplying to public hospitals, military hospitals and private hospitals and clinics for more than last fifteen years and are well-reputed across the country.
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